Dugan's U


We offer training for all experience levels. All agents, regardless of experience must complete the training program. The program is agency specific and covers information and tools that are specific to Dugan's Travels.

New Agent Training:

  • Online new agent training on the basics of the business and working with Dugan's Travels
  • Online training manual
  • Online agency policies handbook
  • VAXVacationAccess Training (this is a frequently used booking engine)
  • ClientEase CRM training

Ongoing Agent Training:

  • Agents have access to Dugan's University.
    1. Dugan's University @ Anaheim- week long comprehensive training
    2. Dugan's U Travels to....- this event changes locations each year on the East coast.
    3. Bootcamp - this event changes yearly but places a focus on 1 topic/destination for agents to focus on.
  • Supplier Training
    • We encourage all agents to seek additional training opportunities with suppliers, Visitor's Bureau, OSSN, NACTA, and Vacation.com (our travel consortium).

Dugan's Travels is a member of IATAN, ARC, CLIA, OSSN, NACTA, and Vacation.com.